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10 tell-tale signs you need a Virtual Assistant

It is a much more seamless and streamlined process for us to onboard a client who can take some time initially to tell us about all the work they would like us to complete and how they like things done in detail.

This does initially take a bit of your time, but in the long run, pays dividends.

Here are the ten tell-tale signs you need to start engaging with a VA.

  1. Staying late in the practice or working through lunch doing admin

  2. When your eyes roll when you think of your to-do list

  3. When you don’t have a dedicated person in the practice to manage your patient’s treatment journey

  4. When you work in multiple practices

  5. When you feel that you are dropping the ball throughout your treatment journey

  6. If you don’t want to waste your precious time doing mundane tasks (it’s ok to hate admin! We love it! 😊

  7. If you want to increase your productivity

  8. You procrastinate about completing the tasks on your to-do list

  9. If you need someone as a sounding board who understands the industry, wants you to succeed, and can look at things from a different perspective

  10. You know you need support but you don’t have office space or equipment for them and don’t want to take on an employee

When we speak to dentists, we find that sometimes things have got to the point of - there’s so much to do that I don’t even have time to offload it all.

We don’t want you to get to that point.

What we suggest initially is to take your to-do list, add absolutely everything onto it that needs doing, then grab a cuppa, read our blog on HOW TO OUTSOURCE, and get in touch with us.

We’re here to help!

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