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A day in the life of a Virtual Patient Care Coordinator

Leanne has worked at The Dental VA for over year and has learned so much in her short time. In this blog she talks about what her regular day consists of.

Like most days, my morning starts with a good old cuppa and water bottle placed on my desk in preparation for the day.

A quick communications check-in for any WhatsApp messages, voicenotes or emails from clients outlining tasks to do and then it's straight into client work. This might be...

  • Reply to any received emails from patients

  • Reply to any received WhatsApp Business messages from patients

  • Check and reply to social media enquiries

  • Check client's phones for any received voice messages from patients

Being a Virtual Patient Care Coordinator or Treatment Coordinator means you must be able to communicate effectively and prioritise tasks for each client. Replying to or contacting patients in good time is of the utmost importance to build a good relationship with both our clients and their patients.

During my time working virtually, I have adapted the way I work so that I am always open and honest about tasks with clients. Clients like to know when a task has been completed and sometimes if it’s out of their sight it’s out of their mind too so it’s important for me to always make note of all tasks, acknowledge them, then once the tasks are completed, let them know that it has been done.

Variety is the spice of life!

All tasks that I complete for clients are different. Not necessarily the task itself, but the way in which it’s performed. We take a lot of time in the early days with new clients to get to know them. This is called onboarding. We research the client and go through their website and socials for information and have lots of meetings and phone calls with them. The learning doesn’t stop there as we get to know each other through completing tasks and quite often clients learn how much we can do for them as time goes on.

Also, my name changes too! I might work as a PA for one client and a Patient Care Coordinator for another.

My duties can include new leads management and tracking, sending referrals, uploading scans, gaining consent, typing treatment plans, chasing outstanding payments, discussing treatment with patients… The list goes on!

IT Wizkid

I didn’t realise how much I would learn about IT in such a short time in my role. There are so many applications and software available to aid in our work and all clients use different things. We love using digital dentistry and I find tracking my tasks using a CRM for each client has been invaluable.

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