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Daily Habits

Daily Habits - The Dental VA

What do you do to start your day?

Do you have any rituals or must-dos before you get into ‘the zone' for the day?

How do you unwind in the evening, or de-stress through the day?

Here are some ideas to help you make every day the best it can be.

  • Manage stress through sports

  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night

  • Meditate for 10 minutes first thing in the morning …. enjoy the stillness

  • Don’t go straight for coffee in the morning, try water instead

  • Read something interesting for 10 minutes in the morning, every day

  • Remove unnecessary distractions e.g. minimising your notifications

  • When eating dinner with your family or friends, but the electronics away

  • Choose three goals to prioritise daily and get them done before anything else!

  • Outsource mundane items that you don’t enjoy or that are preventing you from progressing

  • Keep your workspace organised and clean

  • Wait at least 30 minutes after you’ve woken up before checking your phone. This will help you ease into the day and choose for yourself how you want to feel

If you like the idea of outsourcing some of those mundane admin tasks to help lighten your workload, we’re here for a no-obligation chat.

Support is available and could help change your life!

Read our blog on 10 SIGNS YOU NEED A VA to know when you need to be outsourcing.

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